Products and solutions to responding to the complexity of the human being.
Functional, flexible, and proactive furnishing solutions.
We integrate artificial intelligence, home automation, and robotics in compliance with the natural laws through which living systems are created and supported. Multifunctional transformable, technological, harmonic, and biocompatible products, to support individual psycho-physical-relational well-being.


AquA Scrubching® (international patent PCT/IB2017/052105) is a multifunctional shower with scrubbing, stretching and vertical massage options. It has eleven different functionalities: scrubbing, stretching, Chromotherapy, hydro-massage, detox system, foot reflexology, Scottish shower, music therapy, aromatherapy, multimedia and drying. The combination these functionalities allow to make specific treatments to improve health and wellbeing.


Moveo Sink&Toilet: Complete wall hung bathroom suite with important innovations, reverse-water basin, sliding storage compartment and shelf, rollaway seat, toilet and bidet with touch screen commands, antibacterial titanium dioxide livingtech© material.


Suspenditur® (international patent PCT/IB2017/050149). Is an innovative bath tub allowing the user to achieve the benefits of the floating, which is impossible to obtain in a regular bath tub) and hydro-massage.


Alas Kitchen® (international patent PCT/IB2017/050149) a transformable kitchen that opens up to offer its functionalities and can also disappear, folding up when not needed. Cooking systems and food processing suppliers (raw and cooked food) complete the rich offer of functionalities.


Modularis Wall: equipped wall systems with or without integrated screen. Different functions and set-ups are available. The wall has a built-in autonomous lighting system and can also work as divider between spaces. There are different versions for living rooms and bedrooms, offices, hotels.


Eclecticus® (international patent PCT/IB2015/000324) a versatile design piece (eclectic) offering several compositions. A single module can be used as a pouffe seat, chair or an armchair. Two identical modules, when combined together, can be automatically converted (through a remote control) in sofa, chaise lounge, triclinium or bed. The cover can be customized.


Mutabilis® (international patent PCT/IB2015/000323) a chair that can be converted to a sofa, in two simple movements maintaining the comfort, ergonomic and functionality. Available with customized finishing for restaurants, hotels, and yacht.


ExtraHexa® (international Patent PCT/IB2018/053844) Transformable pull up hexagonal table with 6 chairs. The extraction could be driven by a mobile APP (Android or IOS). Three Different configurations:

  • Hidden position (retracted) under the floor (covered by a special carpet).
  • Opened in a large Hexagonal pouf, providing hexagonal pillow.
  • Large Table (160×140) with six chairs, optional push/pull tablet holder.


Rotabilis Poltrona Chaise Longue trasformabile (Pouf o Letto), può ruotare su se stessa, scomparire nel pavimento e ricomparire quando necessaria.


Circum Divano rotondo extra large con pouf integrato. Sia il corpo che il divano possono ruotare all’interno del perimetro cambiando la configurazione.


Ratio Divano a forma di spirale che in tutte le sue geometrie con cui si estende nello spazio rispetta la proporzione aurea.

Egg Room

Egg Room it is an egg shape room totally shielded by electromagnetic and acoustic interferences. It combines multisensory, energetic and frequential stimuli to naturally bio-harmonize the organism, treating specific psychophysical disorders. The egg shape favors a dynamic and coherent energy flow in the internal space.