The iHoSo family products & solutions have been designed to improve office work (and Smart-working), guaranteeing SAFETY and support to user PSYCHO-PHYSICAL WELL-BEING, his PRODUCTIVITY, and EFFICIENCY: 

  • Automatic intelligent sanitation (integrated UV-C LEDs) + support to psycho-physical condition
  • Sensors and artificial intelligence detect abnormal psychophysical states providing treatment systems designed to reduce stress and anger / improve concentration / stimulate creativity and much more.
  • iHoSo products preserve the user’s concentration and focus, providing treatments to restore the cognitive focus;
  • The system allows, by YourHeadSet device and mini treatments, to bring the mind, in a few minutes, to mindfulness mode or in other desired states.


Agilis, an assistant who discreetly takes care of the user’s well-being, productivity, and efficiency:

  • It can be configured as a complete high-performance PC or (in its basic version) simply as a tool connected to your PC
  • The system provides treatments/programs/courses/exercises for psycho-physiological well-being (that can be customized)
  • The system can perform multisensory stimuli (Video-Audio-Olfactory-based on harmonized frequencies). The user can also model treatments for his well-being and/or entertainment
  • The AGILIS℗ product can be equipped with YourHeadSet which improves the treatment programs’ effectiveness, and with AUXILIUM a seating system which, offering ergonomics, takes care of the correct posture to be observed while working seated at the PC

La Room No Aging (international patent PCT/IB2018/054425) is a room equipped with sophisticated technologies that allow to carry out personalized treatments to contrast factors that science recognizes as linked to cellular aging: genetics, physiological, psychological, environmental, bad habits and lifestyle.

Some of the available treatments are:

  • Psychophysical rebalance and stress conditions
  • Sleep regulation
  • Psychophysical energy recovery
  • Remove emotional blockages and dysfunctional believes
  • Support in replacing bad habits with new approaches to lifestyle, favoring coherence between thought and action

This special room is designed for clinics, but for its polyfunctional characteristics, it can be employed in wellness centers or private houses.


In addition to having all the AGILIS℗ features, FACILIS is an all-in-one desktop PC.
Different configurations are available to satisfy every performance level needed. Screen, keyboard, mouse are integrated into the system. Attractive design, refined body finishes.


DUO℗ has been created to offer safety in offices by eliminating the risk of contagion, through an “automatic” mechanism to sanitize the workplace (provided by UV-C LEDs system).

  • Safety guaranteed also by the distance (> 1mtr.) Both to the colleague in front of you and to the one next to you
  • DUO℗ can include in its central bar a special AGILIS℗ version with all its features to support well-being, productivity, effectiveness, and prevention
  • Privacy: side dividers exclude the vision of people who are eventually at the next desk, (essential in CoWorking)
  • DUO℗ is the best modular system for space optimizing: a perfect safe multi-workstation for CoWorking, and as a multifunctional meeting table
  • Each station can also be equipped with a monitor, keyboard, and computer
  • To Offices, CoWorking and Training Centers, DUO℗ offers the guarantee that every workstation is always sanitized
  • The flexibility and modularity of DUO℗ makes it easy (by lowering the walls) to create an interactive conference table for a high-tech meeting room
  • The system allows maximum customization of the desk according to the kind of work performed (touch screens, graphic tablet, etc.)

SmartOPUS Workbench℗

  • Smart Opus Workbench brings new dimensions to the workstation, detecting the psychological, physiological and emotional dynamics of the worker through his AI, thus activating appropriate solutions
  • SmartOPUS Workbench contains all the features of the AGILIS bar to which it adds further technologies: climate control, humidity and automatic irrigation system for plants, combined with the automatic sanitization features of DUO
  • Privacy when needed: the contents of the drawers are always visible, but just press a button and the surface of the desk becomes opaque.
  • Materials, Ecology, Safety: LEB Ecological Panel 100% recycled wood, FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified. LEB is in the best world formaldehyde low emission class, single-component water-based paints, compliant with the EN71.3 standard, and guaranteed to have zero aldehyde form content. (The furnishings can be made with synthetic solutions and finishes, always of quality, but at a lower cost).
  • Green area: live green plants, offering a positive impact on mood, also contributing to the absorption of electromagnetic frequencies and CO2.
  • The Smart Opus Workbench℗ solution allows you to prevent the spread of viruses by significantly lowering the risk of contagion, through the technologies developed for the AGILIS and DUO systems with all its features to support well-being, productivity, efficacy and prevention, and automatic sanitation.
  • Each workstation can be equipped with an integrated monitor keyboard and computer but also in the basic version with only the automatic sanitizing functions.


YourHeadSet supports work and leisure activities

YourHeadSet technology stimulating brain activity through LF waves (low-intensity frequency waves) emission, capable to interact with brain waves.

through  smartphone or PC APP (bluetooth) connected with YourHeadSet, you can start programs for:

  • Stimulate Beta waves – to improve efficiency and concentration in daily activities
  • Encourage Theta Waves – to prepare for an important meeting or recover from a stressful situation
  • Intervention to pass a painful state, (n.b. it is not a cure, it only attenuates the symptom)
  • Favor Alpha waves – to find personal balancing, before carrying out public relations
  • Favoring Theta and Delta waves – to relax the mind

The system is perfectly integrated with the iHoSo platform and its Treatments, Coaching, and Courses. 

Through the cooperation of YourHeadSet and multisensory stimuli (Audio / Video / Olfactory / Climatic / Frequency), maximum results effectiveness is achieved.

Contagion prevention and multi-user using – YourHeadSet has a recharge container equipped with a UV-C lamp that guarantees sanitization at each recharging or when needed.

Further features are available


Ergonomic robotic seating system, fully customizable in three versions

  • Base – proactive ergonomic chair
  • Desk – workstation equipped with a removable worktop
  • Desk Plus – customizable full optional workstation, integrated with PC and YourHeadSet integrated in the Armrest

All of its AGILIS health and wellness support features are integrated into the chair system including the YourHeadSet device.
A sanitizing system for mouse and keyboard headphones is integrated into the armrest.
In addition, AUXILIUM has special sensors that monitor the user’s postural state, in case of prolonged wrong positions, the user is invited to correct the position or perform the recommended postural exercises.