Multisensory Multimedia Smart-Room (bespoke) with curved and/or flat technological walls, equipped with technologies and sensors to sending harmonized multisensory stimuli (audio-video-olfactory-climatic-frequency) to create the desired/usefully emotional, etc.. suggestions to involve customers and/or to improve the mindfulness Through a proprietary Artificial Intelligence engine, the system can analyze the emotional user responses having real-time satisfaction feedback, or a level learning achieved measurement, etc. HCOMM different versions have been prepared with features, Hw& Swtools, specific for living spaces and business sectors such as (Hotels, private residences, offices, training centers, spas, gyms, clinics)


HCOMM Smart Room/Smart Wall a hyper-tech room or wall equipped with special high-resolution video technologies capable of performing multi-sensorial and multi-media contents, harmoniously integrating video-audio-olfactory-environmental frequency inputs and proactive domotics. The room is managed by MATER, an expert artificial intelligence.
HCOMM can be programmed as salus, studio, artis, domus, RNA or full optional.
Living room and bedroom, office and hotel versions are available. The dimensions of the wall and room can be customized.

La Room No Aging (international patent PCT/IB2018/054425) is a room equipped with sophisticated technologies that allow to carry out personalized treatments to contrast factors that science recognizes as linked to cellular aging: genetics, physiological, psychological, environmental, bad habits and lifestyle.

Some of the available treatments are:

  • Psychophysical rebalance and stress conditions
  • Sleep regulation
  • Psychophysical energy recovery
  • Remove emotional blockages and dysfunctional believes
  • Support in replacing bad habits with new approaches to lifestyle, favoring coherence between thought and action

This special room is designed for clinics, but for its polyfunctional characteristics, it can be employed in wellness centers or private houses.

HCOMM rooms allow companies to carry out multi-sensory interactive immersive communication making effective and productive activities such as:

  • Presentations -Meetings -Brainstorming -Events & Conferences
  • Virtual Fairs / Virtual Showroom
  • Advanced training (improving information transfer, capabilities in the learning level achieved measurement)
  • LIVE WEBINAR interactive

HCOMM also provide IVR (immersive Virtual Reality) entertainment without any bulky virtual reality glasses

  • Immersive Entertaining (multisensorial gaming area compatible with all main consoles)
  • Supercinema-Hyper SmartTV